DFW on pot…

“Orin and I decided to dart up to the loft over the Weston house’s garage to smoke a bit of Bob Hope, which is to say high-resin marijuana, and in the loft, high, wandered disastrously into the sort of pseudophilosophical mental labyrinth that Bob Hope-smokers are always wandering into and getting trapped in and wasting huge amounts of time* inside an intellectual room they cannot negotiate their way out of, and by the time we hadn’t resovled the abstract problem that had put us into the labyrinth but just as always had gotten so hungry we abandoned it and stumbled out and down the loft’s wooden ladder.”

* This tendency to involuted abstraction is sometimes called “Marijuana Thinking”; and by the way, the so-called “Amotivational Syndrome” consequent to massive Bob Hope-consumption is a misnomer, for it is not that Bob Hope-smokers lose interest in practical functioning, but rather Marijuana-Think themselves into labyrinths of reflexive abstraction that seem to cast doubt on the very possibility of practical functioning, and the mental labor of finding one’s way out consumes all available attention and makes the Bob Hope-smoker look physically torpid and apathetic and amotivated sitting there, when really he is trying to claw his way out of a labyrinth. Note that the overwhelming hunger (the so-called “munchies”) that accompanies cannabis intoxication may be a natural defense mechanism against this kind of loss of practical function, since there is no more practical function anywhere than foraging for food.


3 thoughts on “DFW on pot…

  1. thomas t says:

    written like a real pot-head.
    but seriously, when I’m high, my mind starts to wonder and breaks the frame of daily thoughts. I than even try to convince  people, that they don’t exist.
    I’d rather say the human mind was build to solve problems – while high on dope it just might try to solve itself – and starts to circle ’round the paradox of its existance.

  2. Jonny says:

    Absolutely true.
    Convincing people, they don’t exist might have it’s reasons, but…isn’t that what DFW termed ‘peseudophilosophical’?
    I guess you depict the same phenomenon.

    “Trying to solve istelf” = “Marijuana-Think themselves into labyrinths of reflexive abstraction”

    Whatever. There are various kinds of personal, reflexive abstruseness once you get stoned…dodgy but dissolving in some way.

  3. syztem says:

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