Der Infograf von Monte Christo


I was trying to map all the connections among the books many characters like i did before with one of my favourite novels “Infinite Jest”. I came up with the idea, when i watched the Monte Cristo adaption from Kevon Reynolds again and realized, that i love the story for it’s complexity and that it would be awesome to flowchart it for an easy and stylish approach and secondly, i noticed, that the frontface of this blog’s header correlates very precisely with my imagination of how Edmond Dantés would look like. The melancholy in his glance and the actual real antiquated hairdo ;)

Unfortunately i was running into troubles attaining an overview refering to the graphic aspect. There simply are  too many characters and each one has connections to nearly everybody else.



So finally my brother, who is really into Information Graphics, Subway Maps and intersection-free solutions helped me out. He delivered this very clear and catchy diagram. I’m not a 100% happy with it, as it lacks a bunch of information I would have liked to include, but it’s still the best and most reasonable attempt so far.

securedownloadIf  I find the necessary time, I’ll try to get a step further….


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