Burka Avenger


I started this fanart yesterday on the newly emerged Pakistani super heroine, Burka Avenger.

Burka Avenger is an animated story about a teacher called Mrs. Jiya.

The series unequivocally preaches the importance of educating girls in a country where it’s not considered a priority, if even a right.

Set in a fictional village in Pakistan, Burka Avenger battles against some Taliban-appearing bad guys and a vicious magician who want to shut down the schools for good.

Her weapons are pens and schoolbooks, which she can hurl with a deadly accuracy.

I wish the animation was a bit better – some of this is actually a step down from what even I am capable of – but that’s not too important. Each episode is centered around a moral, which sends out strong social messages to kids, while being cloaked in pure entertainment, laughter, action and adventure. Simultaneously it’s quite attractive to adults I think, since the series shows us some major issues comparatively plainly and it manages to be still funny once in a while – the Guardian reports, that in one episode, one of the bad guys attempts to colonize major world cities, but a minion interjects with a concern about getting visas to gain entry.

In the trailer we see the avenger by day, dressed in western clothing, a teacher with long glossy locks and a cheeky smile. But then she transforms into Burka Avenger with a long black robe like a ninja, head and face covered.

Of course the burka is stylized in a more comic-like way. It’s sleeker and along with her ninja-moves it reminds of several Matrix-scenes.

I do like the Design including the Burka very much. While it’s meeting the cultural and religious expectations within Pakistani society, it’s also repurposing the idea of a secret identity and the use of the burka.

The avenger uses the burka as a strength to protect her identity and fight for justice and education.

If i were a young Pakistani girl, imposed on wearing a burka, I’d want to be her.





One thought on “Burka Avenger

  1. I think you missed the point. Jiya doesn’t wear a burqa in her day to day life, it isn’t imposed on her. She wears it out of choice, like a super hero’s cape and mask.

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