Wacom Pen Holder Disney Productions






Last week on a Berlin flea market I got hold of this vintage, rustic Pen holder made of brass. When I asked the prize, a priori I took it for granted, that i wouldn’t buy it, ’cause it looks like those old collectibles made in the US, they pay a large sum of money for today. On the bottom it says ” Walt Disney Productions”. But the retailer only charged 5 Euros on it, so i took it, unknowing what to do with it. In general I don’t like little items of decoration, that just take space for the counter value of the privilege to be able to look at it. The same goes for items whose function is subject to the design. I like nice design though.

At home I came up with the idea to make a Wacom pen holder out of it. The pen is designed to have it’s very own station anyway and since my girlfriend bought me a Wacom Art Pen, I always mistake it for my old one, cause they look so identical. Now the Art Pen has the royal throne it deserves and it doesn’t even tumble anymore when I accidentally strike it with my sleeve.

For the filling I cut out an old, dense sponge and for the topping i used wolffelt. When you immerse the Pen now through the notch, you feel a nice, soft and squashy closure, that is flexible but protective and firm. Could you think of any sweeter gadget for an illustrator than this link to one of the reasons why you originally wanted to get into this workfield?


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