Happy Hippo 3D


In a recent project we visited a bunch of 3D-Printlabs in Berlin. I had the opportunity to print an object of my desire. On thingiverse you can download tons of ready for press files, mostly gadgets and seemingly useful things. But since the bare “reproduction” of an already existing gimmick would have been quite a waste of time, I wanted to do something by myself. I’m a very lousy 3D-artist, I had to notice, so i was going to go for a rather simple item:  Most likely everybody of you remembers those little hippo figurines from Kinder Surprise made by Ferrero – the Happy Hippos.

I tried to model one and make it in the image of my girlfriend, so that she would open the Kinder Surprise to find herself in it. She’s not a hippo though. She just likes’em ;) It’s very easy to copy her main characteristics. Her extraordinary hairdo, the contrast in her face and the recognizable clothes. Yet it took me still 3 days to built this file.

Above you can see the final piece, colorized with some special enamel.



One thought on “Happy Hippo 3D

  1. […] while ago I posted this little 3D-printed figurine of a hippo, that adapted the Design of André Roche. Even if it […]

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