Quixotic Obsession


I’m JonQuijote: Illustrator, Visual Artist & Motion Designer based in Münster, Germany.  You will find here a selection of my work, i.e. paintings, scribbles, cartoons & comicstrips.

They range from finished – more or less presentable – projects  to works-in-progress and all the way to a whole lot of inchoate and abortive raw versions, that glut my blog like a landfill.

Hopefully they might give you an insight about the gradual development an Illustration takes. Otherwise they’ll just lay here, creepy and undead, determined to haunt and remind me of the fact, that I  once again started something great to leave it imperfect for an even greater idea.

By now, I primarily paint on a Wacom Intuos 4 pen tablet. I found that digital painting leads to way more technical progress, since it is so much cheaper to pour the paints on the screen instead of actually buying them, having exactly one attempt to bring it on canvas, no failure allowed, because you run out of oil and couldn’t affort to buy more.

My tablet provides a venue, that allows me to spill the colour irreverently, to work on trial and error based freedom.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

Got a question? Have a project?

Give me a call:  (+49) 0171 | 709 628 1

or write me an email: diddyyy@yahoo.de

AllLayersWindmills copy


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