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2D Animation Vinyl Cover


Font Alphabet

On etsy I found this beautiful wooden font alphabet puzzle for kids made by looodus.
Beside it’s remarkable nice array in color and composition, the distinctiveness of this game manifests the 26 different fonts they used for the letters. Each letter is written in a font, whose name start with exactly this letter.
A stands for Arial Rounded, B for Bookman Old Style etc….
Since you can’t adore something, without wanting to imitate, capture or at least bite a piece off of it, I had to built one of my own.
The puzzle is a mixture of computer aided design and hand finished products.
It’s laser cut and colorized afterwards with acrylic paint and a clear varnish suitable for kids. I guess it’s even healthy to suck on it ;)
I will give it away to my one year old nephew. For he will be the unequaled prodigy every parent wishes for!
The outlines ready to be read by the laser cutter software…
The letters during the finishing process…